2023 NFL Draft: NFL Betting Man Predictions 

2023 NFL Draft

In NFL Betting Man’s NFL Draft Guide, we’re going to discuss the betting apps to use, NFL Draft online sportsbook picks, first round thoughts, National Football League info like what the NFL Draft consists of, NFL Draft props, and NFL Draft faqs.

So it’s all 2023 NFL Draft in this blog. Which NFL Draft pick will go #1 in the first round? How about #2? Which NFL Draft pick will go #32 in the first round?

Best Apps for NFL Draft Betting

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How Do NFL Draft Odds Work?

NFL Draft Odds

NFL Draft odds are about the money line. You could find an NFL Draft player versus player prop for the first round. But, really, betting on the NFL Draft means choosing a money line choice.

So if you believe Anthony Richardson, who’s gotten the most buzz after his amazing performance at the combine, goes first to the Carolina Panthers, you’d put money on Richardson.

If you believe Anthony Richardson ends up being the third quarterback taken, you bet on that NFL prop. If Anthony Richardson is the fourth QB taken, you bet on that prop.

Check out the type of Anthony Richardson props you can bet:

  • Anthony Richardson to be the first QB taken
  • Anthony Richardson to be the second QB taken
  • Anthony Richardson to be the third QB taken
  • Carolina Panthers to choose Florida QB Anthony Richardson first overall

Who will the Carolina Panthers Choose with the first pick at the 2023 NFL Draft?

Carolina Panthers

The most important question on everyone’s mind? Who will the Carolina Panthers Choose with the top pick?

The Chicago Bears traded away the top pick to the Panthers. The Chicago Bears, no doubt, made the right move because Justin Fields is an excellent quarterback.

The Chicago Bears might not be done trading. The Bears require depth, which means they could very well trade out of Round 1.

Don’t be surprised if Commissioner Goodell stands at the podium and says the Chicago Bears have traded their Round 1 pick for a boat load of online picks.

2023 NFL DRAFT – NFL Draft Order and NFL Draft Odds

NFL Draft

See below for the 2023 NFL Draft order, our choices, and NFL Draft odds. The Miami Dolphins forfeited their top pick, which is why there are 31 teams choosing in the opening round and not 32.

NFL Draft 1 – Carolina Panthers

When it comes to NFL Draft bets, this one is the most difficult. The Panthers require a quarterback, but which one? CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Will Levis, or Richardson?

NFL Draft 2 – Houston Texans

Likely a quarterback. That’s what Houston Texans fans are saying. Most feel the Houston Texans pull the trigger on Stroud if he’s there. 

But if Stroud isn’t there, the Texans are likely to go with Young before Levis or Richardson. Everything in Texas is big and the Houston Texans, named after the people who live in the state, must make a big splash. 

NFL Draft 3 – Arizona Cardinals

At first glance, it looks as if Arizona is okay at quarterback. Kyler Murray signed a massive contract last offseason. But Murray had a bad season. 

There’s a chance the Arizona Cardinals decide to trade this pick, possibly to Tennessee, where Zona GM Monti Ossenfort worked up until this season, and grab draft picks. 

NFL Draft

NFL Draft 4 – Indianapolis Colts

The latest rumor has the Indianapolis Colts tanking this upcoming season. Some believe the Colts go with Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter and then lose a bunch of games to set up Commissioner Goodell to say next April, “With the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select . . .”

The theory would hold water if the Colts didn’t already have a great difference. This pick is perplexing online sportsbooks. The NFL Betting Man guess is that Bryce Young falls this far. Why? Bryce doesn’t handle pressure well and his size makes him a tough pick at number one. 

NFL Draft 5 – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks re-signed Geno Smith to a nice-sized contract, which means the Hawks are good at quarterback. Seattle could go with Carter in this spot if he falls. 

If they get really lucky and Will Anderson, Bama’s exceptional outside linebacker, he’d be the pick. There’s also the chance Pete Carroll and the Seahawks will call Pete Skoronski’s name. The Northwestern offensive lineman could be a 10-year starter in the league. 

NFL Draft 6 – Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions love the trade they made for Jared Goff. Sure, the Lions parted ways with one of their greatest players in history, QB Matthew Stafford, but Goff has a lot of football left. Stafford doesn’t.

Which way will the Lions go with this pick? It’s obvious if the Indianapolis Colts bail on Carter or Anderson, or draft a quarterback, the Lions will choose the top defensive player on the board. The player could end up being Illinois cornerback Devon Witherspoon. 

NFL Draft 7 – Las Vegas Raiders

Don’t give up on Josh McDaniels just yet, Raider fan. It appears he had his mind made up. McDaniels was always going to let Derek Carr bounce. 

Carr did, to the New Orleans Saints. All McDaniels did was sign the quarterback he wanted all along, Jimmy Garoppolo. With Jimmy G. in the fold, Raider Nation can relax some. Not a lot, but some.

Why not a lot? The offensive line is a mess. If Skoronski is off the board, the Raiders will most likely go with Broderick Jones, Georgia’s massive offensive tackle. 

NFL Draft 8 – Atlanta Falcons

Tyree Wilson from Texas Tech is the obvious play here. The Atlanta Falcons are on the right track. They’ve got their quarterback and wide receivers. So all they must do now is ensure their defense is up to snuff.

In his final college season, Wilson played great. The Red Raiders’ defense was one of the top units in the often high-scoring Big 12 and a lot of that was because of Wilson. 

NFL Draft 9 – Chicago Bears

Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez would be the perfect fit at this spot. But Da Bears might want to find a player that could replace Roquan Smith. 

Doing so means thinking outside of the box. You’d have to be a wizard to know who the Bears are going to select with this pick. 

NFL Draft 10 – Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles’ offense is set. Why not build on a great defense by adding linebacker Drew Sanders from Arkansas? Sounds like a plan. 

NFL Draft

NFL Draft 11 – Tennessee Titans

Like we wrote below, most believe the Titans draft up and select one of the top two quarterbacks on the board, Bryce Young or CJ Stroud.

If Tennessee doesn’t draft up, they could go with Kentucky signal-caller Will Levis. Levis has a ton of upside, and the Tennessee Titans aren’t sold on Malik Willis. 

So the Tennessee Titans going with Levis is a real thing. 

NFL Draft 12 – Houston Texans

A lot of mock drafts have Richardson falling this far. It’s doubtful that happens given his amazing NFL Combine performance. But if it does, and the Texans didn’t draft Stroud or Young, they’d have to go with AR here, right?

NFL Draft 13 – New York Jets

The Jets are in line to trade for the original AR, that would be Mr. Aaron Rodgers. If the J-E-T-S gets Rodgers in the fold, they had better protect him, which means, there’s no reason not to go with an offensive tackle, someone like Paris Johnson Jr. from Ohio State. 

NFL Draft

NFL Draft 14 – New England Patriots

The Patriots like their quarterback room. Bill Belichick won’t commit to starting Mac Jones, which could shake some things up if Bill trades Mac and rolls with Bailey Zappe.

No matter who starts at QB, the Pats require a WR1. Quintin Johnston from TCU has fantastic hands and runs great routes. 

NFL Draft 15 – Green Bay Packers

The Packers could go quarterback. However, it might make more sense for them to trade up if they wish to pick a quarterback. 

The likelier scenario is GB calls up NE and makes a play for Jones or Zappe. Then, Green Bay goes for a wide receiver in this spot. 

NFL Draft 16 – Washington Commanders

Washington should go defense here. Sounds crazy because it’s been so long, but the Commanders have a starting QB in Sam Howell, one of the top wide receivers in the league in Terry McLaurin, and a talented running back in Brian Robinson Jr.

Penn State corner Joey Porter Jr. is a real player. So think Porter Jr. 

NFL Draft 17 – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers could use a cornerback or some other fantastic defender. But if Porter is off the board, Pittsburgh might side with an offensive lineman like O’Cyrus Torrence from Florida. 

NFL Draft 18 – Detroit Lions

Detroit could end up going with corner De’Onte Banks from Maryland. He’s not as highly-regarded as Witherspoon. However, Jeff Okudah could be on the move if the Lions believe he never reaches the potential they expected when drafting him the top five a few seasons ago. 

The Rest of the 2023 NFL drafting order 19 – 32

NFL Draft

2023 NFL Draft 19 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield should play well in Tampa. He never got a decent shot throwing for the Browns. Cleveland never embraced the former Heisman winner.

The Buccaneers need to shore up the run game. If one of he top offensive lineman, especially one of highest-rated guards, falls, he’s the pick. If not, Texas RB Bijan Robinson gets the nod. 

2023 NFL Draft 20 – Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll loves those defensive tackles he can move all over the place, even drop back in coverage in 3-4 schemes. 

Clemson DL Bryan Breese fits the mold. There’s also the chance the Hawks look for Smith’s replacement under center. Hendon Hooker, Jake Haener at Fresno State, and underrated Aidan O’Connell at Purdue could all go here. 

2023 NFL Draft 21 – Los Angeles Chargers

We saw what happened when the Bolts’ top two WRs went down multiple times during the season. Wide receiver Zay Flowers from Boston College could start in the slot position and then when Mike Williams and Keenan Allen both get hurt, which will happen, Flowers becomes the WR1. 

NFL Draft

2023 NFL Draft 22 – Baltimore Ravens

Whether a team sends two draft picks to Baltimore or not for Lamar Jackson, the Edgar Allan Poes will draft a quarterback. Unless they move up, the guess here is that it’s Hendon Hooker. 

2023 NFL Draft 23 – Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings may draft a quarterback as well. But Hooker could be gone. So Haener, or O’Connell is the likely play. If the Vikings believe they could draft a QB in the second or third round, they might draft out of this spot. 

2023 NFL Draft 24 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Wide receiver Jordan Addison would be perfect in this spot. Trevor Lawrence requires a legit WR1 to stretch the field, which Addison would do. 

2023 NFL Draft 25 – New York Giants

NFL Draft

The Giants want a wide receiver. Johnston and Addison are at the top of the wish list. Neither should be available. 

Could Ohio State’s Jaxson Smith-Njigba fall this far? He could. He was injured last season and his best game was versus Utah in the Rose Bowl a couple of seasons ago against fourth-string cornerbacks. 

2023 NFL Draft 26 – Dallas Cowboys

Iowa’s Luke Van Ness would be the perfect edge rusher opposite DeMarcus Lawrence. 

2023 NFL Draft 27 – Buffalo Bills

Tennessee OT Darnell Wright will push Spencer Brown at right tackle. The Bills require an offensive lineman, at least offensive lineman depth, because Miami and the Cincinnati Bengals got to Josh Allen in the playoffs. 

2023 NFL Draft 28 – Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals signed Orlando Brown to play left tackle. So the offensive line should be set. Notre Dame tight-end Michael Mayer is the highest rated at his position in this draft. 

If Mayer ends up a Bengal, watch out. Joe Burrow will have even more weapons to throw the pigskin. 

NFL Draft

2023 NFL Draft 29 – New Orleans Saints

GM Mickey Loomis and head coach Dennis Allen traded with the 49ers to move back into the first round. When the Saints do that, they often have a plan.

Loomis and Allen could be targeting Felix Anudike-Uzomah. The Kansas State star would perfectly compliment Cam Jordan on the other side. 

2023 NFL Draft 30 – Philadelphia Eagles

DT Mazi Smith from Michigan might work in this spot. Javon Hargrave left to throw down with the 49ers. So at least trying to replace Hargrave’s production makes sense. 

2023 NFL Draft 31 – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs require a wide receiver. The top left on the boards should be Tennessee’s Jalin Hyatt. So that will be the pick. 

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